Happy Medium Podcast

Happy Medium is a place for you to hear honest and open film reviews of the latest cinematic offerings as well as whatever trailers are attached to those films. News about the movie world itself and other cultural interests also getting caught in the semantic crossfire from time to time.

They share a passion for cinema, film theory, film criticism and humor.

Whether you’re a fangirl, fanboy, cinephile or just an aimless internet wanderer, Happy Medium welcomes you!



Eric Schrecongost is a director and VFX artist living in (surprise!) Los Angeles. He studied Digital Media/Film at OTIS College of Art and Design. He knows his way around a DeLorean, both the time-hoppin’ variety and the more mundane sort. Favorite movie: Blade Runner.

Dave Kordosh is a writer living perilously close to the Mexican border. He studied Film at California State University of Northridge, focusing on screenwriting. Once George Lucas apologist he has since seen the light. Favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back.

John Kordosh is an illustrator and writer who like Games of Thrones too much. He still remembers the liberating feeling of seeing a movie all by his lonesome (Wonderboys, 2000). Despite this, he is not a desperate loner! He calls Brooklyn home. Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski.


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